Since 2010 – the current Government has made a staggering 45,000 + changes to the immigration Rules since it came to power. No other period in English history has seen so many changes in Immigration law. We demand that the Immigration Rules be simplified to the level and standard they were at before the current Government came into power. The changes that have been bulldozed through not only affect immigrants who are in the process of being settled but, also those that are already settled.


As per the research of Lib Dem spokesman Alistair Carmichael, the UK Tory government has now made the seventh immigration law in the last eight years and has made 45,000 changes to the immigration rules since Teresa May became Home Secretary in 2010.
Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-34508958
It’s no surprise then that against this dramatic backdrop a grass-roots political party dealing with ‘real’ immigrants was born – the Immigrants Political Party. We don’t go to the dentist and expect a chef to be checking our teeth, when we ask for a plumber to fix a leak – we don’t expect to see a beautician to come out and advise, when we sit on an aeroplane we don’t expect an chef to piloting us across the world, when we go for a curry in an Indian restaurant we don’t expect to see an Eskimo cooking the curry – in the same way when we talk about immigration we don’t expect someone who has no life experience in that area to be running a Government department – which is what we currently have.There are officials in the Home Office who create work so that its existing staff and agencies can ‘milk’ hard-working people to fund them. Immigrants have helped keep these people in jobs – not because they want to – but because the system of immigration has become so complex in the space of just a few years. Increasing ‘red-tape’ by the Government has meant that millions of pounds is wasted on keeping and feeding this system alive (jobs for British nationals in the Home Office and associated agencies) – instead of diverting that money to other more noble causes such as investment into our younger generation to equip them with skills to meet the challenges of an increasingly global economy or looking of the vulnerable elderly and their fuel bills in winter. We demand that the Government stops wasting tax-payers money on increasingly complex rules, regulations and Immigration Bills and Acts. Every year it comes with new ones in the thousands because it can’t get a simple straightforward strategy to work. We demand that the Government stops wasting tax-payers money (millions and millions of pounds).
In England even cats and dogs have basic human rights which are protected – but immigrants are in majority of cases treated worse than animals.
Their basic fundamental rights to marriage, private and family life are routinely breached.Before 2010 the Immigration system and rules and regulations were not brilliant – but they were working fine – nearly everyone understood them. We demand an end to this nonsense and suggest that the system should be simplified immediately. Even Immigration Judges are fed up as they have to waste more time and precious resources figuring out the Governments immigration policy.
The Government has stealthily or unintentionally (since 2010) has been giving itself unchecked ‘’power’’. It has slowly (without many people noticing) ate away at the great English historical basis upon which the State was founded. The Government (executive) has been taking on the roles of the Judiciary in 98% of immigration cases instead of letting the Judiciary do its job. It’s really no point critiquing other countries abroad and saying they are undemocratic when plainly in our face this Government has become Judge and Jury as well as decision maker in almost all immigration cases. This is not a joke at all. This is eating away at the very foundation of our democracy. Unchecked power like this creates problems for everyone else including native English people. We should be extremely vigilant not to allow such grotesque usurpation of power taking place – because once the Government knows it can get away with it in one area of civic life in this country – it will then use it most likely on its own citizens in other areas of life that affect them as well. Indeed it is already abusing the rights of immigrant communities who are actually settled in this country who in totality produce combined output of billions of pounds for this economy – it does not it seem matter to the Government whether someone is native British born immigrant or someone is illegal immigrant – the Immigration rules especially those relating to family and related matters plainly reflect this.
The 45, 000 changes made by the Government – does not include the countless thousands of changes made since the above was reported. It appears that Teresa May has nothing else or her entourage – but to keep changing the rules to keep everyone in the Home Office in a job – but keep the public in the ‘dark’ – and prevent legitimate and innocent immigrants from regularizing their status.