Settled Immigrants and those with Leave to Remain in the UK collectively contribute billions of pounds to the economy. But the Home Office has created a mess with their immigration policies. This has resulted in the public having negative views of immigrants. The Government has now started to harass Immigration Solicitors as well. The Immigration Department at the Home Office appears unable to deal properly with a lot of Immigration cases and because it has made a lot of high profile blunders which are in the public domain. So instead they appear to be employing dirty tactics. The media has started to realise that the Home Office immigration department is a waste of tax-payers money because of so many inefficiencies. The Home Office has made 45,000 + changes to immigration rules in what amounts to a blatant disregard for immigrant’s human rights. Now the Home Office has started to target Immigration Solicitors to get them closed down. They have even given the authority to Regulatory bodies such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority to enter and search firms and inspect confidential client’s files without giving much notice. We want Regulatory bodies to stop harassing Immigration firms in complicity with the Home Office most of which consist of Ethnic minority lawyers. The Home Office must stop using such underhand tactics in a bid to get firms closed down depriving immigrants of their only access to justice. The State should stop harassing immigration lawyers.