Britain’s 16million-strong immigrant community finally has a voice of its own in UK politics. For decades the hard-working immigrant community who has contributed billions of pounds to the UK economy has passively stood by and watched as successive governments impose more and more laws adversely affecting their lives.

This present government alone has introduced a staggering 45,000+ new immigration rules, under the stewardship of Home Secretary Teresa May. Many of these rules are grossly unfair and have effectively stripped away the human rights of the immigrant community.

From today Britain’s immigrants have their own political platform to fight for their rights and to tackle unjust laws.

The Immigrants Political Party (IPP) has the backing of members from all ethnic communities up and down the country as well as prominent members of the indigenous population.

The IPP has been founded by renowned immigration lawyer Dr Malik who is an expert of immigration and human right laws.

Dr Malik, leader of the IPP said: “Today marks a significant change in the political landscape of this country. Britain’s immigrants who have over the years been fed false promises by the main political parties just to secure their votes, now have their own political party. No longer will the community fall for promises made by candidates from other parties, just so that their candidates can clinch seats where immigrants have decisive votes.

“We aim to fight for a complete overhaul of the shambolic Home Office Immigration Department which has stealthily and progressively introduced rule after rule to suppress immigrants and to deprive them of their rights.”

An IPP candidate will be standing in the forthcoming by-election in Tooting in the seat vacated by former Labour MP Sadiq Khan, who became Mayor of London earlier this month.

The IPP is calling for:

· The Abolition of 45,000 repressive Immigration Rules introduced by the Conservatives
· Restoration of the Right of Appeal in refused immigration cases – something that should be a basic legal right.
· Reform of the Home Office Immigration Department so that legally qualified staff are employed and all decisions on identical cases are uniform.
· Decisions on applications at the Home Office be made within shorter time-frames (i.e. 3 months), not several years.
· A fairer representation of ethnic communities in the Government and across all Home Office departments especially Immigration.

Further information and requests for interviews with IPP leader Dr Malik:
Telephone – 020 3195 3852

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