The Immigrants Political Party
The voice of Britain’s immigrant community.IPP has been established by renowned immigration lawyer Dr Malik to promote the interests and protect the rights of over 16 million immigrants residing in the UK


Party Leader

The Immigrants Political Party
The voice of Britain’s immigrant community.
IPP has been established by renowned immigration lawyer
Dr Malik to promote the interests and protect the rights of
over 16 million immigrants residing in the UK.

The IPP was set up as a reaction to the anti-immigration policies of the present government which have forced immigrants of all nationalities to unite together and stand up using this platform to protect their basic human rights. Other countries worldwide have set up similar political parties with the same vision. We are fed up of being treated as if we have no fundamental human rights that require protection. We are not ‘products’ or ‘goods’ but human beings and we should be governed and subject to humane laws.

The IPP represents not only the interests of immigrants who are in the process of being settled in the UK but also those immigrants who have been settled here for generations. A large majority of immigrants who have obtained British citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK have deep connections to their countries of origin. Most of them not only have their parents, families and properties back home, but also have their business transacted in both countries. These links to their homeland are further bolstered by their children marrying within their families back home to keep the joint family system surviving.

We believe that UK immigration laws were mostly fair and proportionate while the Labour Party were in power. (Note we are not Labour supporters per se – nor are we a sub-body of the Labour party). The Conservatives however have a long history of making policies specifically targeted against immigration and immigrants. One of the most controversial and notorious immigration Rules called the Preliminary Purpose Rule is still in the minds of immigrants.

We, like the majority of immigrants and indigenous people are not in favour of an open door immigration policy – but simply want a fair one. However under the name of ‘tightening Immigration laws’, we have seen immigrants being deprived of their basic human rights by the current Government.

Its time to stand together and deport what is an ‘Empire’ State mentality and to revert to the true British traditions of championing law, liberty and justice. We (like so many people including non-immigrants), believe that this country should not have an open door policy to immigration – but a managed one that benefits everyone, not just the staff at the Home Office or whoever is head of an Immigration Department in Government.

The IPP is duly registered with the Electoral Commission of England.

Our goals are to fight for civil liberties and promote human rights for everybody in the UK. We are seeking to:

(1) Abolish 45,000 + Immigration Rules

Since 2010 – the current Government has made a staggering 45,000 + changes to the immigration Rules since it came to power. No other period in English history has seen so many changes in Immigration law. We demand that the Immigration Rules be simplified to the level and standard they were at before the current Government came into power. The changes that have been bulldozed through not only affect immigrants who are in the process of being settled but, also those that are already settled.

(2) Restore Rights of Appeal:

Everyone knows that a right of appeal against an adverse decision is the back-bone of any fair or democratic country’s legal system. If you get a parking ticket you are given the right to appeal; if your child does not get a place at a local school you have the right to appeal against that decision. But immigrants in 99% of cases have no right of appeal in-country whatsoever – even if they have been living here for 23 years.

Before this Government came into power an automatic right of appeal existed for refusal of immigration cases. The Home Office’s refusal decision could further be challenged in a Court of Law (Tribunal) and an immigrant could put his/her case forward to an Immigration judge. But not any more! The Government has replaced it with something called an ‘Administrative Review’ – which basically means you have no right of appeal before an independent judge.

That right has been taken away from all immigrants including children, elderly people and the infirm. Power has been given to the Home Offices not only to decide upon an application, refuse it, but then also to review the refusal decision themselves – in effect becoming ‘Judge’ and ‘Jury’ in the same matter. We believe this is an abusive system of unchecked power – passed to the Government to harass immigrants and the Judiciary. We demand that appeal rights be restored so that immigrants are treated as human beings. And that the Legal system in this country is a fair, open and democratic one.

(3) Restoration of powers to the Judges

Since the current government came to power the it has stealthily made more and more laws taking away powers from Judges in Immigration and Human Rights cases and has given those powers to itself. There are three main organs of any functioning State; the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature. Each organ is independent from the other. For example, if you legislate and make laws you do not then act as a Judge and so on. But since 2010 the government is now acting not only as decision-maker in immigration applications, but also as Judges. (Imagine if the Police could arrest, detain you and then decide your guilt/innocence and then sentence you as well?) – Well that’s effectively what happens in immigration cases. This is unacceptable in a

democratic country.

We want powers to be given back to the Judges and the Courts because they are best qualified to provide an impartial judgment where immigration applications have been refused NOT the Home Office. More funding should be given to Courts and more Judges recruited to deal with Immigration Cases. Money should be taken away from the Home Office Immigration Department and invested in the Legal system.

(4) Reduction of fees for making Home Office applications for leave to remain in the UK.

Every year wages are increased in line with inflation, but in the case of immigrants the Government has for the last few years been increasing immigration application fees disproportionately to unsustainable levels. Under the present Government, Home Office fees in all categories of Immigration applications have been unfairly increased in March 2016 by around 240% and they plan to increase it even further by 500%. This burden is falling on vulnerable people such as elderly people the infirn and households who have children (all of whom are asked to pay huge sums to the Home Office if they want to get their immigration case decided

– otherwise they have to go ‘Underground’). This state of affairs is not acceptable in an economically prosperous country such as England. We demand that Home Office fees be abolished and/or reduced to pre-2010 levels. The current Government is appearing to choose to create an ‘under-class’ of people and a ‘black’ economy because many immigrants who wish to make themselves transparent and work and pay taxes are unable to do so – because in the first place they simply cannot afford the extortionate fees demanded by the Home Office.

(5) Accountability to the British Tax-payer:

Year on year since 2010 the Home Office Immigration Department has wasted millions pounds of tax-payers money on mismanagement, poor performance, inefficiency and bureaucracy. There are hundreds of examples of Home Office inefficiency and countless documented records of such incompetence. Two examples include an immigrant student who had his immigration status decided after 8 years despite chasing up the Home Office for a decision. The Home Office then refused his application for leave to remain in the UK. Only when the case was challenged by way of Judicial Review in the High Court (where only independent Judges sit) did the Home Office back down and grant this student the leave requested. Another recent example is of someone who has spent 23 years living in the UK, but the Home Office refused him leave to remain in the UK. Again only when the case was challenged in the High Court by way of Judicial Review did the Home Office concede and grant this person leave to remain in the UK. The Home Office never want cases to end up in the High Court by way of Judicial Review because the published decision can be an embarrassment to them.

If the Home Office employed more competent, legally qualified staff who didn’t make such blunders then at least the tax-payer would be getting their money’s worth. So many staff in Home Office immigration may not be legally qualified but they are allowed to make decisions on life and death for immigrants and get away with imposing incorrect decisions. We demand that the Home Office recruit legally qualified caseworkers with law degrees and vocational training to handle cases competently. Furthermore, such caseworkers should be given firm deadlines on deciding cases. Cases should be decided within 3 months (across all categories) and if not – a very good reason should be provided to the tax-payer.

At the moment cases at the Home Office can languish for several years before they are decided. During this time an immigrant is not allowed (by law) to work (thereby contribute tax to the economy) and is not allowed to contribute to society. Other vulnerable people such as the elderly, infirm and families with children – are subjected to severe pressure simply to ‘survive’.

(6) Change of Government Attitude.

Settled Immigrants and those with Leave to Remain in the UK collectively contribute billions of pounds to the economy. But the Home Office has created a mess with their immigration policies. This has resulted in the public having negative views of immigrants. The Government has now started to harass Immigration Solicitors as well. The Immigration Department at the Home Office appears unable to deal properly with a lot of Immigration cases and because it has made a lot of high profile blunders which are in the public domain. So instead they appear to be employing dirty tactics. The media has started to realise that the Home Office immigration department is a waste of tax-payers money because of so many inefficiencies. The Home Office

has made 45,000 + changes to immigration rules in what amounts to a blatant disregard for immigrant’s human rights. Now the Home Office has started to target Immigration Solicitors to get them closed down. They have even given the authority to Regulatory bodies such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority to enter and search firms and inspect confidential client’s files without giving much notice. We want Regulatory bodies to stop harassing Immigration firms in complicity with the Home Office most of which consist of Ethnic minority lawyers. The Home Office must stop using such underhand tactics in a bid to get firms closed down depriving immigrants of their only access to justice. The State should stop harassing immigration lawyers.

(7) Fair and proportional representation of immigrants in Government and in the Home Office Departments.

We demand that bodies that make decisions to do with life and death should therefore reflect the population on which it is deciding. We need positive discrimination to ensure more immigrants are given a fair & friendly chance to participate in government and in particular the Home Office Immigration Department.


  • Abolish the 45,000 + immigration rules introduced by the current government.
  • Restore the right of appeals in Immigration applications and restoration of Judicial powers.
  • Reduce Home office application fees and they should be linked to inflation.
  • Overhaul of the Immigration Department at the Home Office with only legally qualified staff.
  • Strict 3 month deadlines to determine cases.
  • End to intimidation and harassment of Immigration Solicitors/Lawyers.
  • Immigrants should be given proportional representations in the House of Lords and in government departments, specially immigration.

We believe it is time for Britain’s 16 million-strong Immigrant population who contribute so much to society to be given a fair deal. The IPP will fight for their rights.

The Party Leader

Dr Malik is a well-known Immigration Lawyer. He has handled over 20,000 cases and has helped thousands of immigrant families, of all nationalities to settle in the United Kingdom. His life long work has been to help immigrants settle in the United Kingdom and provide a future for them and their families. He is an advocate of human rights and is passionate about championing the positive contributions that Immigrants make to the United Kingdom economy.

You do not need to be an immigrant to get involved with our work.Our support also comes from non-immigrants and members of other political parties.

If you want to become a member, IPP election candidate, campaigner, or Volunteer to our Party please contact us:

The Immigrants Political Party (IPP)
The voice of Britain’s immigrant community.

Kemp House 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX
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