Every year wages are increased in line with inflation, but in the case of immigrants the Government has for the last few years been increasing immigration application fees disproportionately to unsustainable levels. Under the present Government, Home Office fees in all categories of Immigration applications have been unfairly increased in March 2016 by around 240% and they plan to increase it even further by 500%. This burden is falling on vulnerable people such as elderly people the infirn and households who have children (all of whom are asked to pay huge sums to the Home Office if they want to get their immigration case decided – otherwise they have to go ‘Underground’). This state of affairs is not acceptable in an economically prosperous country such as England. We demand that Home Office fees be abolished and/or reduced to pre-2010 levels. The current Government is appearing to choose to create an ‘under-class’ of people and a ‘black’ economy because many immigrants who wish to make themselves transparent and work and pay taxes are unable to do so – because in the first place they simply cannot afford the extortionate fees demanded by the Home Office.