Since the current government came to power the it has stealthily made more and more laws taking away powers from Judges in Immigration and Human Rights cases and has given those powers to itself. There are three main organs of any functioning State; the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature. Each organ is independent from the other. For example, if you legislate and make laws you do not then act as a Judge and so on. But since 2010 the government is now acting not only as decision-maker in immigration applications, but also as Judges. (Imagine if the Police could arrest, detain you and then decide your guilt/innocence and then sentence you as well?) – Well that’s effectively what happens in immigration cases. This is unacceptable in a democratic country.

We want powers to be given back to the Judges and the Courts because they are best qualified to provide an impartial judgment where immigration applications have been refused NOT the Home Office. More funding should be given to Courts and more Judges recruited to deal with Immigration Cases. Money should be taken away from the Home Office Immigration Department and invested in the Legal system.