Everyone knows that a right of appeal against an adverse decision is the back-bone of any fair or democratic country’s legal system. If you get a parking ticket you are given the right to appeal; if your child does not get a place at a local school you have the right to appeal against that decision. But immigrants in 99% of cases have no right of appeal in-country whatsoever – even if they have been living here for 23 years.

Before this Government came into power an automatic right of appeal existed for refusal of immigration cases. The Home Office’s refusal decision could further be challenged in a Court of Law (Tribunal) and an immigrant could put his/her case forward to an Immigration judge. But not any more! The Government has replaced it with something called an ‘Administrative Review’ – which basically means you have no right of appeal before an independent judge.

That right has been taken away from all immigrants including children, elderly people and the infirm. Power has been given to the Home Offices not only to decide upon an application, refuse it, but then also to review the refusal decision themselves – in effect becoming ‘Judge’ and ‘Jury’ in the same matter. We believe this is an abusive system of unchecked power – passed to the Government to harass immigrants and the Judiciary. We demand that appeal rights be restored so that immigrants are treated as human beings. And that the Legal system in this country is a fair, open and democratic one.